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  • Museum Trails and Gallery Map

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Museum. For more information you may wish to download one of our Museum Trails to bring with you.

Gallery Map

The Museum has an Upper and Lower Gallery - now with one way routes in place to enable you to see the whole collection, including the Bird Room on the lower floor. Tickets allow for a 90 minute visit, which is enough time to see the whole Museum. The Museum also has a shop, located in the Whale Hall, sitting underneath our 21 metre fin whale. Don't forget to look up as you come in!


Highlights Trail

Aimed at adults and families, this trail gives you more information about some of the Museum's highlights, as you walk the one way routes. If you need more information about any of the exhibits, please ask a volunteer on your way round. 



Rainbow Trail

If you are visiting the Museum with young children, why not download our Rainbow of Colour trail to print out and bring with you? It will keep the children entertained as they look for all the colourful specimens in the Museum, and they can even use it in the garden or any outdoor space too.



Amazing Adaptations Trail

How does a jellyfish sting? And what is actually in a camel's hump? From the feeding habits of starfish to birds that mimic telephone ring tones, follow the routes around the Museum and uncover some amazing animal adaptations. Designed for ages 8-12, this trail is bursting with incredible creatures. Can you find any more amazing animal adaptations on your visit to the Museum? 


Animal Key Trail

Use the trail, making choices as you go to decide which type of animal you end with. This trail has been created with ages 11-14 in mind, or those who are learning English as a second language (EFL students). 




Cambridge Safari

Our Cambridge Safari takes you around the streets of Cambridge city centre, in a quest to find animals! The streets of Cambridge are filled with animals, and we are not talking about the pigeons in Market Square or the cows on Midsummer Common. In the stonework of the colleges, wrought iron gates and sculptures around town, there are countless creatures just waiting to be found by eagle-eyed visitors. This was the inspiration behind the Cambridge Safari - a trail developed by the Museum of Zoology highlighting the animals in the architecture of the city centre. See if you can find the camel in Market Square, the scallops on Trinity Street, or the owl near John Lewis. One animal that pops up again and again is the lion. From the stone lions guarding the Fitzwilliam Museum, to college crests, and above the entrance to the Lion's Yard shopping centre, you can find a whole pride in Cambridge. The animals in the trail are just the beginning - we would love to know if you have spotted any others as you walk around Cambridge.