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  • Lulworth skipper

lulworth skipper

Pictured: Lulworth skipper, Thymelicus acteon

Notes from Jenyns: This species is not mentioned in Jenyns’ notebooks.

200-year trend in Cambridgeshire: No change.

Modern records

The Lulworth skipper is restricted to the extreme south of England. Its distribution is centred around the village of Lulworth, on the coast of Dorset, where it was discovered in 1832. The species is very localised and the same would have been true 200 years ago. The south coast of England marks the Northern limit of the Lulworth skipper’s range, so it has never been seen further north in Cambridgeshire, which explains its absence from Jenyns’ records. 

National records map

Lulworth skipper national records map: