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  • Queen of Spain fritillary

Pictured: Queen of Spain fritillary, Issoria lathonia

Notes from Jenyns: This splendid species was formerly taken near Cambridge, & in Gamlingay Wood. In the latter spot, ~ it was not very rare in the days of Petiver according to Haworth. It has been also captured at Wisbeach; & in June 1803 ~ Dr Abbott took a single specimen in Whitewood.

200-year trend in Cambridgeshire: Little change.

Modern records

The Queen of Spain fritillary is a rare and intermittent migrant to the UK. In occasional years larger numbers are recorded, but never more than a few tens of individuals. Although Jenyns’ notes suggest that at one time it may have been slightly more abundant in Cambridgeshire, ‘it was not very rare in the days of Petiver’, most sightings in the county are for single specimens. It was likely never common and has since continued to be a sporadic migrant.

National records map

Queen of Spain fritillary national records map: