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  • Across the Continents Project

The Across the Continents project helps you to explore modern habitat change with your students, using a range of resources created with the UK National Curriculum in mind. Developed in partnership with local Cambridgeshire schools, Department of Zoology researchers and researchers undertaking fieldwork in South East Asia, these DIY resources delve into the importance of biodiversity and conservation of the natural world.

Journey to South East Asia with your class

From the diversity of a primary rainforest, to the impacts of an agricultural landscape; these videos explore the consequences of habitat change for our planet and what scientists are doing to protect the species affected. Designed to compliment your existing teaching in the classroom, follow Takum the orangutan around South East Asia with your class and use the extension activities below to further embed their learning.
'Takum' in the rainforest

Ecology Jenga

This adaptation of the traditional game of Jenga explores the consequences of removing living things from a habitat. Tackle topics such as food chains, ecology, diets, and human impact in a fun and engaging way by building your own tower. Download our step-by-step guide by clicking the link below:
ecology_jenga_diy.pdf (163.34 KB)
Ecology Jenga

The Habitat Game

This giant floor game helps you to explore the consequences of habitat change in a fun and engaging way. Developed as part of the Across the Continents project, your students will discover the impact we can have on the natural world, on species survival, and how we can manage change in a way that limits the loss of biodiversity. With differentiated versions for KS2, Upper KS2 and KS3.
The Habitat Game

Cambridgeshire schools can borrow a GIANT version of the Habitat Game to play at school. Visit our Loans Boxes page for more information.