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  • Virtual Museum Tours

Welcome to our virtual tours of the Museum

Highlights Tour with Jack Ashby

From dodos to Darwin, join Jack Ashby (Assistant Director of the Museum) as he takes you on a tour uncovering some of the highlights of the collection.

Bridging Binaries Tour at the Museum of Zoology

‘Animals don’t do sexual identity; they just do sex.’

From same-sex sexual behaviour in giraffes and penguins to the scientists working in the field of zoology. How do the labels and categories we give animals affect the way we interact with the natural world? Enjoy an LGBTQ+ tour of the Museum of Zoology with volunteer tour guide, Kate.

Since 2018, the Bridging Binaries team of volunteer guides has been sharing their personal selection of fascinating stories about gender and sexual identity through a range of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer-related objects from across the University of Cambridge Museums.

Highlights tour with Josh and Seth

Only have 5 minutes? For a whirlwind tour of the Museum, join zoology students Josh and Seth as they share their enthusiasm for their favourite specimens.