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Scallops, University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge

A series of school loans boxes have been developed alongside the DDF Bivalve Mollusc project, containing specimens, suggested activities and information resources. These are free for schools to borrow or use in the museum galleries. For further information about what is available, and to enquire how to borrow, please contact the museum at  umzc   zoo cam ac uk, or telephone 01223 336650.

Under the Sea
Contains 34 specimens of marine invertebrates – bivalve and gastropod molluscs, echinoderms, crustaceans and a coral. Resources include: KS1 literacy resources to write stories using the objects as inspiration; classification of animals; ideas for use in teaching numeracy.

Shell Detective
Contains the shells of 10 species of bivalve mollusc. What evidence do these shell provide about the lifestyles of the animals that lived in them? Develop observation skills to answer this and other questions. Resources include: background information on the structure of bivalve molluscs; fact files on the species in the box; and suggested activities.

British Bivalves
This box contains the shells of 8 species of bivalve mollusc that you might see around the coast of the UK, and fact files about them.