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  • Speckled wood

speckled wood

Pictured: speckled wood, Pararge aegeria

Notes from Jenyns: Frequent in the neighbourhoods of Ely & Bottisham. Taken also near Rampton by J.C. Dale, Esq.

200-year trend in Cambridgeshire: Increase (following a rapid resurgence after a period of decline).

Modern records

This species can still frequently be found in Cambridgeshire, in nearly any area with trees or hedges. It is now probably even more abundant than in Jenyns’ day, having undergone a period of decline followed by a rapid resurgence, especially in the south east of England. The upward turn is largely thought to be due to a warming climate, which has increased the abundance of its optimal habitat; sunny woodland clearings.

National records map

Speckled wood national records map: