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Red List 7 by Jayne Ivimey

The Red List of Endangered British Birds

Bisque fired stoneware clay, 2019

Holding a dead bird in your hand is a privilege. To examine the body minutely enables you to understand its exquisite engineering and fragility. Recently the number of British birds on the Red List reached a staggering 67. Red-listed species have suffered a severe decline of at least 50% in the breeding population and at least 50% reduction of the UK breeding range. As an artist I wanted to bear witness to this tragic loss and reflect on the implications of what we are so casually losing. 


Based in Norfolk, Jayne creates a range of works that depict the natural world. Having spent seven years working on bird conservation in New Zealand, much of her recent work includes references to birds and the challenges they face.

Red List 8 by Jayne Ivimey

Header image: Red List 9 © Jayne Ivimey

First Content image: Red List 7 © Jayne Ivimey

Second Content image: Red List 8 © Jayne Ivimey