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The Museum of Zoology is developing a wide range of resources for exploring the collections.

3D models

Using Aviso, we have been experimenting with ways of visualising some of the specimens from our collections which have been CT scanned. Follow the links below to see our first results (models open in SketchFab). 

1. The hip region - pelvis and sacrum - of a monitor lizard (Varanus salvator). This shows “standard” arrangement of the pelvic bones. 2. The hip region - vertebrae, pelvis and hindlimbs - of a carpet python (Morelia spilota). Some snakes, including boas and pythons, still have remnants of their hindlimbs, as a hang-over from their limbed ancestors. 3. Skull of a python (Python amethystinus). These are large constricting snakes, which squeeze the life out of their prey. They can swallow whole prey much bigger than themselves. 4. Skull of a blindsnake (Typhlops lumbricalis). These are tiny snakes, which at first glance might be mistaken for worms, which live in burrows underground. 5. Skull of a flap necked chameleon (Chameleon dilepis) Models made in Avizo, from CT scan data, by Robert Brocklehurst.