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  • Early Years Sessions

Our early-years sessions use story-telling and tactile activities to bring the Museum collection to life! Suitable for ages 2-5, the sessions last for 45 minutes and take place in the Museum gallery.

Available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during school term-time. To book this session please see our School Visits page and complete a school booking request form.

Under the Sea

Explore the animals that live in the ocean with stories, singing and hands-on activities. From our enormous Fin Whale to crabs, fishes and sea shells, there’s lots to see in the Museum. We will look at the sizes of different undersea creatures, explore their diversity in the Museum displays, and handle real specimens. We’ll read stories about sea animals, and finish the session making sea shells.


Play at being busy buzzy bees on a minibeast safari through the Museum. Count the legs of our creepy crawlies as we read stories of insects, spiders and more. Make a superworm, and create caterpillars and butterflies. 

Roaring Lions and Dancing Giraffes

Discover the animals of the African plain with singing, stories and movement. How does a giraffe dance? What does a hippo sound like? Look at the skeletons on display in the Museum, and make a finger puppet to tell the story of the lion and the mouse.