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  • Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology is home to a thriving community of researchers and students who share a fascination in how whole organisms develop, function, behave, interact and evolve. Our work bridges different levels of organization from the cellular basis of animal form, function and behaviour to the interactions between organisms, people and policy.


The Museum plays a vital role in many aspects of the Department’s working life.  Its specimens are regularly used in our undergraduate teaching programme, with many final year students undertaking assessed projects in the Museum with the curators as their supervisors.  Similarly postgraduate students embark on PhD programmes based within the Museum. 

The Museum’s curators are members of the academic staff of the Department.  Our curators past and present have produced ground-breaking research that has fed directly into teaching as well as collaborating with other research groups in the Department.   

Students and researchers in Zoology are delighted to work with the Museum team, and with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, in the newly-refurbished David Attenborough Building – a wonderful building named after an alumnus of the Department of Zoology, whose work continues to inspire us.