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  • wood white

wood white

Pictured: wood white, Leptidea sinapis

Notes from Jenyns: Taken in Whitewood & Gamlingay Wood, by J.C. Dale, Esq. ~ “ Taken in the evening by the side of a wood at Stapleford, in July, three specimens.” ~Mr Lee. ~

200-year trend in Cambridgeshire: Decline to local extinction.

Modern records

 This butterfly has undergone serious declines throughout the woodlands of England and Wales. A few historical records, such as these recorded by Jenyns, indicate that it used to be present in the county but it is no longer found in Cambridgeshire. Interestingly, a near identical species, the cryptic wood white, was recognised in 2011. This cryptic species represents nearly all of the wood whites found in Ireland but no cryptic wood white’s have been found in Britain.

National records map

Wood white national records map:

Cryptic wood white national records map: