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  • Bath white

Bath white butterfly

Pictured: Bath white, Pontia daplidice

Notes from Jenyns: Taken formerly near Cambridge, by a collector in the time of Ray of the name of Vernon, ~ and recorded in Raj. Hist. Insect. 116. No. 10. A faded specimen was also captured by Dr Abbott, in June 1803, ~ in Whitewood~ near Gamlingay. ~ See Haworth. Lep. Brit. pref. p. XXVI.

200-year trend in Cambridgeshire: Little change (decline from extreme rarity to no records).

Modern records

This is a very rare migrant to the UK and in most years is not recorded at all. In fact, fewer than 20 individuals are thought to have been seen in the UK since the 1950s and it may now be completely absent from the country. From Jenyns’ accounts it appears to have been similarly rare 200 years ago, as he talks about specific individual specimens being collected, rather than localities where the species was found in any number. 

National records map

Bath white national records map: