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Moostery sculpture cargo box

Across the city, Cows about Cambridge is in full swing, with 44 large decorated cow sculptures to find on this public art trail between now and 4th September. But one of the cows is not a cow. If you follow the trail to the Museum of Zoology, you’ll find an entirely different horned beast.

As scientists worldwide investigate the environmental impact of cattle, we were given the chance to include an animal on the trail that represents both our collections and the incredible conservation work taking place in Cambridge. We can’t tell you what came out of the crate – you’ll have to come and see for yourself. We call it The Moostery Sculpture.

Like the other 43 sculptures on the trail, ours has been decorated by an artist. Laura-Kate Chapman painted it with beautiful illustrations of animals that can be found on display in the Museum: from Darwin’s pet octopus to the fin whale above your head as you enter, to the four-tonne giant sloth and the famous dodo. There’s a little teaser video of the sculpture here where you can see some of the paintings, but we’ll be impressed if you can work out what the sculpture is from these shots.

To get into the spirit of Cows about Cambridge, we’ve developed a free trail, called Is there something on my face? Just pick one up at reception. It takes you around our galleries in search of animals with horns, something the Moostery Sculpture has in common with many cows. And we’ve also set you a challenge – Cowpats about Cambridge (and beyond) – to investigate the important biodiversity found in a humble cowpat. Read and watch our blog post here to see how you can dissect a cowpat to find the insect life within, and let us know what you find.

The Moostery Sculpture is just inside the Museum’s entrance and can be seen through the window every day. We’d love for you to come inside for a proper look, and to explore the galleries. Please visit here for opening hours, and to book your free timed tickets.