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Then look no further. Why not treat someone to our special ‘Photographing Skeletons’ session at the University Museum of Zoology. Taught and guided by professional photographer Susan Elaine Jones , the evening involves capturing the amazing detail and atmosphere of skeletal photography.

During this two hour long course, you will discover shadow, light and composition in an amazing setting with privileged access to the recently refurbished galleries at the Museum.

There are a wealth of skeletons on display at the Museum, many of which make incredible photographic subjects. With rare ‘after-hours’ access to the galleries you will meet one of the world’s most complete dodo skeletons, Cambridge’s largest resident – a 21 metre fin whale – and other huge skeletons such as elephants, an ice-age giant sloth as tall as a giraffe, and Diprotodon: an extinct wombat-like marsupial that was the size of a rhino.

The Museum is one of the largest and most important natural history collections in the UK, with an extraordinarily rich history dating back to 1814.  The Museum’s exhibits explore stories of conservation, extinction, survival, evolution and discovery.

With access to the Museum after dark, you will have the time and space to take a leisurely look at all the exhibits, including some extraordinary specimens collected by some of the world’s greatest naturalists, including Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin.

The ‘Photographing Skeletons’ evening session takes place on Wednesday 13 February 2019 at 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Ages: 18+

Cost £30

 Places are limited and booking is essential. Please bring your own camera.

 Book your place here.