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This field enables you to search for a specimen by its catalogue number.

The field is not case sensitive.

Different numbering systems have been used for each taxonomic group.
The most common format is an alphabetical prefix, followed by a number, and occasionally by an alphanumeric suffix - each element is separated by a '.' (e.g. F.1234, H.234, C.123.a, etc.)

The main exception to this format are the bird collections where a complex alphanumeric number is used; the elements being separated by '/' (e.g. 27/Tur/17/b/1).

In 2000, a new universal numbering system, based on the year of accession, was introduced. The format is a four digit number for the year of accession, followed by one or more numerical or alphanumerical suffices, each element is separated by a '.' (e.g. 2000.1, 2003.9.1a, etc.).

To search for a range of specimens you can use the "Begins with" option on the dropdown menu.