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  • Colonial Histories of Australian Mammal Collections in Cambridge

We are currently researching the origins of our Australian mammal collection, looking into the collectors and those who worked alongside them. This page is under development - more information coming soon!

Outline of the Australian mammal collection project

More information coming soon! Please check back on this page, as we add more information about the items in our collection, the people that collected them and when they were recieved by the Museum. 

This is part of a significant research project, where we hope to discover more information not just about the specimens and the collectors, but the circumstances and environment in which they were collected. 

As we gather information on each of these collectors, the list below will link you to all the details about their discoveries, their lives and the items which we hold at the Museum. 

Which collectors are we researching?


 Morton Allport (1830-1878)

Patrick Byrne on far right

Patrick (Paddy) Byrne (1856-1932)

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William Caldwell (1859-1941)

William Crowther

William Crowther (1817-1885)

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Humphrey R.H. Marten (1867-1933)

James Macartney

James Macartney (1770-1843)

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Amschel Schwarzschild (1815-1896) & Co

Grafton Elliot Smith

Grafton Elliot Smith (1871-1937) [“See Byrne”]

Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer

Walter Baldwin Spencer (1860-1929) [“See Byrne”?]

William Swainson

William Swainson (1789-1855)

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Lionel William Wiglesworth (1865-1901)

James Fowler Wilcox

James Fowler Wilcox (1823-1881)