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Online Resources

Explore the Cambridge Museum of Zoology’s collection from your classroom through our online resource packs. These packs were made with teachers in mind. They contain high resolution images of the collections, specimen profiles accompanied by activity ideas, to make finding curriculum-specific examples for your teaching easy.

Each pack has a theme. Topics such as Evolution have a broader reach across the curriculum stages, whereas others, such as Genes and Genetics, will be more useful for higher key stages.

Search our database using the accession numbers provided in the packs.  


Our online resources are always developing and growing. To help us shape and improve these resources, please complete the evaluation form via the link below and let us know about your experience in using them.


Loans Boxes

Our Zoology loans boxes bring tactile learning experiences with real specimens to the classroom. All of our boxes are accompanied by a themed resource pack chosen by you. Please see our list of available loans boxes and resource packs below.

Our loans boxes are available for school teachers to borrow free of charge for up to two weeks at a time.

While accompanying resources and activity ideas have been designed with the KS1 and KS2 curriculum in mind, loans boxes are available to all teachers who wish to use them.

Please note that boxes must be collected and returned to the Museum of Zoology by hand.

To book a loans box, please get in touch on with the following information:

Name of School:

Year Group:

Number of students:

Topics you are hoping to cover:

Resource pack required:

Other/special requirements (e.g. SEN):

Desired date of collection (during Museum opening hours only):

Under the Sea Box (KS1 & KS2)

This loans box resource uses a range of shells and invertebrate specimens to inspire learning in the classroom, with the potential to cover a range of cross-curricular topics such as habitats, adaptation, and grouping, literacy, maths and geometry.

Under the Sea Box

Skeletons Box (KS1 &KS2)

This loans box resource uses a range of skeleton and skull specimens to inspire observational learning. The activities are made with teachers in mind, and can easily be woven into your lessons. The skeletons box can be used to demonstrate topics such as adaptation and movement, classification, maths and geometry.

Skeletons Box

Teeth Box (KS2)

Our new  resource on teeth uses a variety of animal teeth types to help you teach about adaptation, feeding, and classification. Our accompanying teachers pack provides activity ideas to help you get the most out of your loans box, pointing to cross-curriculum links with geometry and art.

Teeth Box