BioBlitz Cambridge 2015

BioBlitz Cambridge 2015 at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden

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June 12 and 13 2015

Are you ready for BioBlitz 2015?! The 24 hour countdown starts at 5pm on Friday June 12 and runs all the way through to 5pm on Saturday June 13. Experts, volunteers and members of the public will be racing against time to count as many species of animals and plants as possible at the wonderful  Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Come and join us!

Results this year will be used to inform displays in the new Museum of Zoology, reopening in 2017.

219 species were identified in the 2015 Cambridge BioBlitz.

Compare what we found in June 2015 with the  species list published after BioBlitz Cambridge 2011 at the Botanic Garden!

Last updated: 4 August 2016