BioBlitz Cambridge 2011

BioBlitz Cambridge 2011 in Cambridge University Botanic Garden

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July 22 and 23 2011

Some fantastic wildlife was recorded this year as part of the BioBlitz, from badgers to bumblebees, snails to swifts. Details of the animals, plants and fungi can be found on the  Cambridge University Botanic Garden website, where you can also download a species list. Photographs of the event can be seen on the  University of Cambridge Flickr site

Sorry you missed the event in 2011? Join us in the Botanic Garden in June for BioBlitz Cambridge 2012

What is the BioBlitz?
Starting at 5pm on Friday July 22nd 2011, experts, volunteers and members of the public will be racing against time to count as many species of animals and plants as possible in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. The Garden knows the 8000 species it has planted there, but there is a lot still to discover in these wonderful grounds near the centre of Cambridge.

 Cambridge University Botanic Garden

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