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BioBlitz Cambridge on Coe Fen

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July 2 and 3 2010

At 1pm on July 2nd 2010, experts, volunteers and members of the public began a race against time to count as many species of plants and animals on Coe Fen in Cambridge as possible within 24 hours. No small task! The sun shone, and with interest in the event from the public, experts, and the resident cows, the 24 hours passed enjoyably and productively. The museum and our partners in the Community Affairs team of the University would like to thank all the experts and volunteers for giving up their time for this exciting project, and bringing in such a fantastic result. It would not have been possible without such a hard working and enthusiastic crew.

Scroll down for the results of the first ever Cambridge BioBlitz!

BioBlitz Activities
From 1pm – 8pm on Friday, and from 8am – 1pm on Saturday, the BioBlitz team were on Coe Fen. The public could drop in, meet experts and take part in lots of hands on activities, including the survey itself. A programme of the BioBlitz can be downloaded here  bioblitz_programme.pdf

As well as the survey of the site, there were walks, trails and hands on activities provided by wildlife organizations from around the region. Members of the public were invited to drop in on the Friday afternoon and Saturday.

BioBlitz Results
It took time to collect the data, and time to bring it all together to get a total species count for Coe Fen. Now you can download a table of the species found during the 24hours of the BioBlitz on Coe Fen. A total of 181 insects, 30 spiders, 34 molluscs, 45 vertebrates, 40 lichens and 230 plants were found. That’s a total of 562 species! This is a fantastic result, and thank you to everyone involved for adding to the final tally. You can now download a species list here:  BioBlitz Cambridge 2010 species list

Cambridge BioBlitz 2010

Last updated: 15 October 2010