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Scientific name: Peleteria rubescens (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830)

Common name: -

Description: This specimen label does not directly link it to Leonard Jenyns. However, Jenyns donated much of his collection to form the Cambridge Philosophical Society museum. This material was offered to Cambridge University in 1865 and is now housed here as part of the University Museum of Zoology. Therefore, the Cambridge Phil. Soc. label means there is a high chance that this is one of Jenyns' specimens. Two specimens of Peleteria rubescens, possessing Cambridge Phil. Soc. Labels, are held in the Museum collections. These are thought to be the first British specimens of this species ever recorded, with only one additional record being made in the country since. It is though that Jenyns may have misidentified this species in his notebooks as the very similar Tachina ferox [now called Nowickia ferox]. The entry for this reads: 'Devil's Ditch. ~'