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Cambridge Natural History Society

Minute Books 1857-1960s

Cambridge University Museum of Zoology, History of the Collection.

7 Volumes: Correspondence and papers about acquisitions for the collection of the Museum; lists of specimens, sale catalogues etc., 1819-1911. 2 Boxes: Papers and correspondence relating to various specimen collections given to the Museum (similar to above but loose). Reports and proposals on extensions of the Museum. These all dated between 1886-1909.


2 Volumes: Additions to the Museum, register of acquisitions to the collection of the Museum prior to cataloguing 2 vols, 1867-1914. Physiological Catalogue, Vols I, II (III missing): catalogue of specimens in the Museum, mostly descriptions of mounted dissections, etc., 1865- . Osteological Catalogue, 1 Vol, 1862 – . Additions to the Library of the Museum, 1900-1914. (Obsolete: many books now in the Newton Library, Cambridge University Zoology Department.) Catalogues of collections of molluscs: 2 Volumes: Catalogue of the Woodward and Hepburn Collections, compiled by Alfred H. Cooke, 1881. 4 Volumes: MacAndrew Collection compiled by Robert MacAndrew himself, 1870. Catalogue of Land Mollusca (other than Palaearctic) in the MacAndrew Collection, compiled by A.H. Cooke, Vol. I only present, 1889. I Volume only present.Catalogue of Palaearctic Land Mollusca in the MacAndrew Collection, compiled by A.H. Cooke, 1889. 1 Volume: Catalogue of Shells from the European Seas in the MacAndrew Collection, compiled by A.H. Cooke, 1886-1887. Temporary Catalogue of Genera of Mollusca in the MacAndrew and Saul Collections, etc. 1 volume, Anon., 1903. Catalogue of Shells from the Collection of the Rev. Richard T. Lowe, compiled by A.H. Cooke, 1882. Notebook, probably written by Jane Saul, listing some of the shells in the Saul Collection, n.d. Small notebook with a few entries of Saul specimens, not in Jane Saul’s writing.n.d.

Catalogue of Saul Cypraea and Trivia, compiled by Hugh C. Fulton, 1923. Catalogue of Professor Gwatkin’s collection of Radulae, by Henry M. Gwatkin himself, 1907 – . List of Professor Gwatkins Collection of Radulae, compiled by Museum staff, n.d. List of Walter E. Collinge Collection compiled by Museum staff, n.d. Catalogue of the Turton Collection of shells from Port Alfred, South Africa, 1934. Localities and habitat notes on D. B. Sattelle. Collection of Land and Freshwater Mollusca from Romania, 1972. Catalogue of birds, University Museum of Cambridge (obsolete). Catalogue of collection of bird skins, 1883-1911 by Hans F. Gadow, Strickland Curator of Birds in the Museum from 1882 – 1928. Catalogue of birds from the voyage of the Marchesa, by C. I. Kettlewell, c. 1883. Catalogues of collections of birds’ eggs: Thomas E. Buckley, 1860-1900; Arthur H. Evans, late 1800s; Evans and Buckley, 1927; Wilmot, c. 1863; Sealy (remains of collection probably sold in 1894).

BRINDLEY, Harold. H. 1 volume of notes probably taken during Adam Sedgwick’s lectures for Part II Zoology, 1888; a series of Brindley’s own notes for lecturing on molluscs, n.d. Catalogue of Brindley’s Collection of Shells, n.d.

COOPER, Sir Clive Forster – . Director of the Museum, 1914-38, 5 books of lecture notes to 1937.

ELTON, Henry B. 4 bird diaries, 1905-1954. 4 volumes of field notes, 1905-1954. Catalogue of eggs in the collection of H. B. Elton, 2 volumes, 1925- . Correspondence, mostly relating to egg collecting, 1905-1954.

HEPBURN, James. Catalogue of the Hepburn Collection of Birds, 5 volumes, 1852-1869. Notes on the Birds of California, Vols I, II, 1855. Notes on the Birds of western North America, Vols III, IV; 5 other similar notebooks, apparently relating to American birds, n.d. Catalogue of the Hepburn Collection of Mammals, 1850-1860. Catalogue of the Hepburn Egg Collection 1850-1860.

JENYNS, Leonard. Notes on the fishes collected by Charles Darwin Esq. in the Voyage of H. M .S. Beagle, 1826-1836, 1842. Notes on British Birds, 1830-1840. Notes on British Fishes 1830-1840 (see A.Wheeler, Leonard Jenyns’s notes on Cambridgeshire fishes, Report Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely Naturalists’ Trust 1973, pp. 19-22). Collections towards a Fauna Cantabrigiensis (Vertebrata and Mollusca), 1869. A Manual of British Vertebrate Animals (annotated by the author), 1835. Observations in Natural History, etc. (annonated by the author), 1846. Observations in Meterology (annotated by the author), 1858.

MATTHAI, George. Field notebooks on a collection of corals, to 1947.

NEWTON, Alfred. Lists of birds in the Museum from: Polynesia, 1901; Galapagos n.d. Mascarene Island, n.d.; New Zealand, c.1885; Jamaica, c.1885; Malagasy region, c. 1885. List of Sandwich Island birds, n.d. Catalogue of bird bones in Alfred and Edward Newton Collection, 1858- . 2 notebooks on bird’s eggs, 1855.- . Catalogue of collection of Birds’ Eggs: Catalogue of Collection of Bird’s Eggs: Alfred and Edward Newton, 1848- . John Wolley’s notebooks: 12 volumes from which Newton compiled his Ootheca Wolleyana. F.W. Knoblock’s Egg Book and Ludwig Knoblock’s Journal, 1857- .(both egg collectors working for Wolley in Lapland. Miscellaneous material bequeathed to the Museum by Newton including: charts, probably for teaching, e.g. Owen: On the nature of limbs, Cuvier: 2 plates; bird engravings; photographs sketches; drawings of Dodo and Solitaire; paintings by John C. Dollman; various diplomas of Newton’s; Newton correspondence with Thirioux concerning bones of extinct birds from Mauritius, 1899-1908. Ornithological correspondence with John H. Gurney Jr, 1 vol., 1869-1889. Correspondence from Mrs Strickland to Newton, 1863-1888.

PARRINGTON, Francis, R. Director of the Museum 1938-1970. Field notebooks used in palaeontological research in South Africa, 1930s. Miscellaneous correspondence.

STRICKLAND, Hugh E. Manuscript catalogue of the Strickland Collection of Birds, 6 volumes plus 1 related volume, since printed. Classification of birds: unfinished wall chart. English correspondence, 5 volumes of letters, 1800s. Foreign correspondence, 2 volumes of letters 1800s. Manuscripts of various papers, articles, etc., 4 volumes, 1800s. Travelling Collector and Ornithological memoranda, 1 volume, 1840s, Zoological nomenclature papers, 2 volumes. Papers, correspondence (including letters from Charles Darwin, Richard Owen, etc.), etc., relating to the publication in 1863 of Strickland’s Rules for Zoological Nomenclature, 1841-1860, 1864-1865. Bibliotheca Zoologica: catalogue of Zoological Works, 1 volume, 4 manuscript ornithological notebooks, possibly Arthur Strickland’s. Ornithological records, papers, catalogues, etc., 1 folder (some at least Arthur Strickland’s material), 1800s. Experiments on the growth and vitality of seeds, 1 volume: descriptions of a series of experiments by Strickland et al. for the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1841-1853. The Dodo Book. 1 volume (240 pages) of scientific papers, correspondence (mostly addressed to Strickland), articles, drawings etc., relating to the production and publication of The History, Affinities and Osteology of the Dodo, Solitaire, etc., by Strickland and Alexander G. Melville published in 1848, correspondence dates from 1840s and 1850s. Volume given to Alfred Newton in 1900; Ray Society, 1 volume of papers and correspondence (mainly Strickland’s relating to the foundation of the Society (1844) and early records and minutes of the meetings, 1842-1845. Miscellaneous notes on natural history, 1 volume called Notes No. 2NH, possibly Arthur Strickland’s. Miscellaneous notes on birds, 1 folder, probably Arthur Strickland’s 1806- . Folder of manuscript Zoological Bibliography: possibly used by Strickland for correcting, enlarging and editing Bibliographia Zoologiae et Geologliae by Louis Agassiz. Slip catalogue of Strickland’s library.

SWAINSON, William. A Preliminary Discourse on the Study of Natural History, 3 volumes, 1834. On the Natural History and Classification of Quadrupeds, 3 volumes, 1835. A Treatise on the Natural History and Classification of Birds, 2 volumes, 1836-37. On the Classification of Animals (parts 3 and 4 of the printed version), 1835. Geography of Animals, 1835. Geographic Zoology (written for Hugh Murray’s Encyclopaedia of Geography, 1834). A Treatise upon Animals in Menageries, Part I. Quadrupeds, Part II. Birds, 1838. On the Rise and Progress of Systematic Zoology. Descriptions of two centuries and a quarter of new and little known birds. Entomology as connected with agriculture and gardening. Mexican Zoology: notes and proofs (collection of Swainson’s earlier writings). On the Natural Arrangement of the Testaceous Mollusca, General Ornithology, Vol I. Miscellaneous manuscripts, unsorted, Bolanos Reports; annual reports of Bolanos Mining Co. and some letters.

WATSON, David M.S. Tracings to help with Classification of Mammal-like Reptiles, published in the Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard, 1956. Over 700, 1952, all listed. Photographs, mostly of fossil material. Correspondence, notes, drawings, etc., relating to Icthysosaur skull, 1950s; drawings published 1968 by A.S. Romer. Amphibian photographs and drawings. Lecture handouts (duplicated from typescript) to accompany lectures. Notes for paper on Therapsid brain case (later published). Incomplete manuscript relating to Icthyostegids. Notes, etc., on Dissorophids. Notebooks and sketch books used abroad. Notes on Pterosaurs. Unfinished work of Professor Walter F. Whittard. Miscellaneous correspondence.

WATSON, Hugh. Details of shell collection (some local, some worldwide), 1 volume 1898-1928. Manuscript of unpublished paper ‘Land and freshwater mollusca of Cambridgeshire’, 1930s, by Watson and Wright-Barker. Unpublished manuscript and drawings, including Cambridge University student notebooks, c.1906. Book, including hand paintings of cowrie shells in the Museum, probably belonging to but not done by Watson. List of numbered series of shells in Watson’s collection, 1 volume. Catalogue of Watson’s collection of land and freshwater shells, 2 vols, 1898-1928.

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