Insect room material

Catalogues are listed as a group, but a catalogue which is part of a collection of material is listed as part of that collection and does not appear in the general list of catalogues.

Old Insect Room correspondence filed loose, 1909- . Photographs of the Insect Room prior to 1924.


List of accessions, 1890-1942: Charles C. Babbington, Insect Collection Catalogue. 1876; H. Evans, British Lepidoptera Catalogue, 1851; H. Fraser, Catalogue of Coleoptera (and notes); H. M. Meyrick-Jones, Brazilian Lepidoptera Collection Catalogue1894-1895; G.W. Nicholson, list of Coleoptera, 6 vols; David Sharp, manuscript of part of Catalogue of Coleoptera, published 1871; list of Lepidoptera in Cambridge Philosophical Society cabinet prior to 1865. Catalogue of a sale of a large collection of insects, etc at J. C. Stevens (formed by Edwin Brown); names of purchasers and prices added to printed catalogue by David Sharp, 1877.

COX, L.W.R. Manuscript and 2 typescripts of ‘ The Coleoptera of Cambridge’, after 1915.

CROTCH, George R. Journal kept while collecting in the Canaries, 1864. Book containing information and letters relating to localities of Crotch’s British Coleoptera etc. Phylhydrida Europae: Chronologica dispositia, auct. G. Crotch, 1838-1867. A letter.

FLETCHER, William H.B. Letter relating to his collection of Lepidoptera, c.1900. Correspondence c. 1890.

HAVILAND, George D. Diary of Termites, 1894. Letters relating to Isoptera.

HAWKSHAW, ?John. Papers relating to his collection of Lepidoptera.

JANSON, Oliver E. Entomological Journal No. 2, 1864-1925. British Coleoptera.

JENKINSON, Francis J.H. Entomological correspondence, Entomological notebooks and lists, 1920s.

JENYNS, Leonard. Letters from him to Prideaux J. Selby, 1836-1854. Entomologica Cantabrigiensis, 3 vols, 1868 (Cambridge Philosophical Society Collection).

KEYNES, G.L. Entomological diaries, 1901- .

LYLE, George. Notes on the Hemiptera Homoptera of Britain, c. 1916.

NEWBERY, Emanuel A. Collection: Hemiptera Locality Registers 1-4, 1921 letters and papers; British Coleoptera Locality Registers 5-7.

NEWBERY, E.A. Lists and papers relating to Alexander F. R. Wollaston’s Canaria and St Helena beetles, 1913.

RUTLEDGE, W. Diary 1923-1924. Diary and entomological notes, 1924.

WESTWOOD, John, O. Volume including original drawings by him.

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